Spin Art

A spin art session based on work by Damien Hirst using salad spinners. A very fun activity with some surprising outcomes.


Carnival Day

Masks made by a year one class at North Wheatley for their Rio project. Most masks survived the traditional dance performance!

Year One Photography

I recently completed a 5 week course with year one pupils focusing on photography and digital editing. I was extremely impressed with the outcomes and the confidence they gained using the software.

Chinese New Year

A late post from a workshop at a local Primary School last week celebrating Chinese New year.

All years took part aged 3 – 11, looking forward to the Carnival Day next month.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Boxes were made by every pupil with a monkey on the lid to celebrate the Year Of The Monkey. Fortune cookies were given to each child to put in the newly made box.

Toy Box Commission

A January commission, very happy with the outcome and so was the customer. Very different from the art I produced last year but a break was much needed and this fun approach has inspired me to produce new work! Hopefully there will be more Toy Boxes to come alongside my own practice.


TestersA side tester project that’s also taking place. A bit of DIY screen printing. A slight change from what i’ve been used to but so far impressed with the results of the home effort. Hopefully more of this to come.