Ongoing work…

So I haven’t managed to do a complete website overhaul just yet, but areas are being slowly updated. Face painting is taking over and is becoming my main focus alongside actually having to go to work. I’m trying to build a portfolio so I have more material to advertise with and promote myself. I go to quite a lot of events each summer season but I’m useless at taking photos, especially when the pressure is on to get through a queue, photos are not my priority.

So over christmas I got myself a mannequin head to practice on and to take the all important photos of. Fingers crossed this works!

It’s been a while…

New job= time consuming

I need to make new work. On a recent trip to London I discovered the work of Andy Leek @notestostrangers. Very inspiring. After listening in on the daily conversations around me, new work is in progress. Aiming to have a website overhaul after Christmas with new work taking over the site!

Let’s see if that happens…


Current Work

I’ve recently been asked to do a picture of David Bowie. It has given me some time to play and to just enjoy painting and experimenting with my own practice. It’s not a finished piece just yet, but it’s hopefully getting there.

Lauren Glynn Art

Year One Photography

I recently completed a 5 week course with year one pupils focusing on photography and digital editing. I was extremely impressed with the outcomes and the confidence they gained using the software.